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Standard Confirmations
Confirmation of all visits are required the day before your visit.

Confirmations received after 3pm will result in Termination of your visit for the following day.

This includes;
Parent and child In-Person Visits,

Parent and child Virtual Visits and

Parent Education Visits.

  • Confirmations must be made by text message or voice message, only.

  • The phone number for confirmations is, 816-782-1707.

  • Text messages must include the phrase “Confirming for tomorrow”.

  • Confirmations must be made before 3pm, between the hours of 3am to 3pm.

  • Confirmations will be replied to between the hours of 3pm to 5pm.

Double Confirmations

If you are required to make a double confirmation, follow instructions above first.

Then proceed to the steps below.

  • Confirmations must be by text message or voice message, only.

  • The phone number for the 2nd confirmation is, 816-782-1707.

  • 2nd confirmations are responded to as soon as they are received.

  • 2nd confirmations will last for the next 3 Consecutive visits.

This includes;
Parent and child In-Person Visits
Parent and Child Virtual Visits
Parent Coaching & Education Sessions

A second confirmation is required 4 hours before your visit begins, but no earlier than 8am.

If your visit is less than 4 hours after 8am you must make your 2nd confirmation by 8:30am.
2nd confirmations are required of parents that are inconsistent with their visits or have missed a visit by Termination or No Show.


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